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Computer Science

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Wuwei Shen

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Benjamin Brand


Kalamazoo Nature Center (KNC), which has been recognized by its peers as one of the top nature centers in the country, is home to over 14 miles of hiking trails winding through woods, wetlands, and prairies. There are numerous places/plots in KNC that have an interesting and impressive history besides being home to a variety of animals and hundreds of wildflowers and other plant life. To improve the customer’s experience at KNC, we will design a software app via the senior capstone project at the department of Computer Science at WMU. As the first step towards establishing a reference model for software app that the seniors at WMU can further develop, I will design a series of artifacts that capture the important features such as software requirements, software architecture and test reports. In this report, a set of software requirements are identified, which are organized in tabular formats for better visualization.

Software requirements identified for the KNC app not only summarize the common and important features that should be implemented by a software app, but also lay down the ground for deriving a minimum set of safety properties that the app should satisfy. That is to say, the app should not be considered as complete. Based on the software requirements, software architecture will be given followed by the test reports where all important test cases are given.

Students may implement the software requirements in this document in their senior project in various programming environments. Importantly, all requirements presented in this document shall be considered as mandatory or exhaustive.

The rest of this document is organized as the following: in section 1 we first define the system features and requirements used throughout the KNC project; section 2 presents the non-functional requirements


Co-authored with:

Eugene Tye Wei Shun

Devin James Ragotzy

Geoffrey James Fleenor

Ernest Au Yue Wei

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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Available for download on Friday, August 02, 2024