Date of Defense

Fall 11-9-1993



First Advisor

Lyda Stillwell, Theater

Second Advisor

George Robeck, Communication

Third Advisor

Christine Zimmer, University Wellness Program


Through the sponsorship of the Department of Theater, University Wellness Programs, and Sindecuse Health Center, the Western Michigan University Fore Players have presented Great Sexpectations: Fantasies and Fears to over 3,200 students. Combining facilitated discussion with improvisationally-created scenarios, the program address numerous sexual issues in a manner that students relate to and understand. A public relations and marketing plan was created to launch Great Sexpectations on a mid-American tour. The program was divided into five major components: a multi-phase plan, a feature-benefit analysis, the definition of target markets, a timeline for launching a tour, and promotional materials.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only