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First Advisor

Carly Hagins

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Sunki Hong


The activity of running has been shown to improve an individual’s health through many different avenues. Running can reduce a runner’s stress and boost their mood. Physically, running can improve one’s cardiovascular fitness and promote stronger bones. Those getting into running often look to join groups of like-minded runners for motivation and consistency. Though there are several benefits to running, if a runner doesn’t use proper form or runs too much too soon, they risk various injuries. Several different products are used to attempt to reduce these injury risks. One such product is a foot orthotic, a supportive insert customized to an individual’s foot shape. This product reduces pain caused by other conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or arthritis. Even though these products are custom fit to one’s foot, there are many variations that are produced. There are drastic differences in orthotics. One difference is their width. If made too narrow, the orthotic will slip in the shoe causing strain to the runner. If made too wide, the orthotic won’t fit in the shoe, rendering the product useless to the runner. Another issue is the height an orthotic heel which can vary from 5mm to 15mm. If the orthotic over elevates the heel, the foot would not sit in the shoe properly. This leading to blisters, the runner forgoing the orthotic, or the runner replacing the shoes altogether. The product, Lapse, eliminates the worry and concerns of orthotics.

Lapse incorporates the custom orthotic into the shoe itself, creating the perfect shoe for any runner. The individual would go through the same process they would for a current orthotic where they would place their feet into foam to create an imprint. From there, the person will download and use a 3D rendering app to scan and send their imprint back to a team of designers. From there, their imprint will be 3D printed and incorporated into a shoe of their choice. They will then receive their custom shoes in the mail and be able to run with their orthotics without any hassle. For an additional aspect of convenience, a pocket is incorporated in the Toung of the shoe for storage of essential items such as cards, key fobs or small self-defense items. Testing the process of creating Lapse showed to be simple for the user with straightforward instructions to obtain imprints and the 3D scan. Using the 3D scanning app, Polycam, a highly detailed render was produced on the 3D rendering software, Fusion360. An orthotic was then produced and 3D printed out of a high strength impact, abrasion resistant, flexible material, TPU. The process of constructing the shoe then incorporated the orthotic between the upper and midsole of the shoe.

The shoe Lapse will benefit runners by creating a better specialized running shoe that will support the unique variances in one’s feet, leading to a healthier and more sustainable running career.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted