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First Advisor

Kelly Wittenberg

Second Advisor

Jon Riccio


Remedian is the story of a person who wants to reconnect with the society and culture around them in a meaningful way. However, due to scaling pressures from the culture, the use of a drug known as Remedian has drastically changed the landscape of how they connect to one another. In our world, new medical terms have emerged like, “doomscrolling,” “Headline Stress Disorder,” “Media Saturation Overload.” Due to this, Remedian became a literal representation, of this “media is a drug” problem. Through the story, the main character, Barry, bounces between the two extremes of being hopped up on Remedian, and having next to none in his system. He fights with being a good father while attempting to repel the life he once lived. Only when he gives in to his old ways, does he realize that the life he wants is not down the path from the one he is living, and must revert to maintaining a steady course, getting his proper dose. Barry says it best himself, “It's a world of doses. My dose was too high for too long. The imbalance took me away from myself. Took me away from those in my life. I don't think these meetings work. I think having a reason to change works. And you either find that reason or you don't.” Finding this reason is Barry’s plight. He realizes it’s easier not to change, but knows he must.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted