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First Advisor

Jeremy Blair

Second Advisor

Whitney Moncrief


As a performer, I can explore the full range of my artistic abilities through dance. My background in ballet and musical theatre allows me to express myself through movement and bring characters to life. My aesthetic draws from my intensive ballet training paired with a passion for grounded, circular phrases that help me fully embody choreography. Through dedication and work ethic, I constantly strive to be adaptable and best represent the choreographer's vision. On stage, I aim to perform with detail, energy, and authentic expression.

As a choreographer, my life experiences influence how I explore andconvey relatable themes to audiences through movement. Mychoreographic style fuses ballet and modern techniques. Using elementsfrom both genres, like intention, flow, and proper placement, I createarticulate phrases that are technically sound yet unique to my artistic vision.My creative process begins by reflecting on conceptual questions togenerate ideas worth exploring. I then build a diverse movement vocabularywith contrasting phrases that align with my aesthetic. Throughout, I refinethe work to fully realize my intention and theme. I often create initial phraseswithout music, drawing authentic movement not dictated by musical cues.Finally, I layer in musical textures to enhance the emotional impact. My goalis to create a work that is intentional, expressive, and resonates with viewers.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Dance Commons