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Ann Veeck

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JoAnn Atkin


The glass ceiling phenomenon continues to be a widespread barrier affecting women in various professional fields, including business marketing. While female representation in business marketing is witnessing a significant increase, persistent barriers prevent successful women from advancing any further in their careers. The purpose of this research study was to understand the perspectives and experiences of women in business marketing professions. The key issues highlighted throughout this study include microaggressions in group settings, sexual harassment, balance of work and life, leadership dynamics, confidence and self-doubt, lack of support, and the gender pay gap. Secondary research was used as an initial framework for these issues, followed by a discussion of primary research findings. The primary research consisted of 10 in-depth interviews with females in business marketing professions. The conversations uncovered barriers and challenges that women often encounter as a result of their gender. The data interpreted from the in-depth interviews was analyzed iteratively to uncover meanings and patterns. The intent of the research was not only to examine how the glass ceiling impacts women in marketing but also to gather recommendations for organizations and individuals to foster a better workplace environment.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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