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First Advisor

Carolyn Pavlik

Second Advisor

Whitney Moncrief


To us is my graduating presentation choreographic project dedicated to my two siblings, Luke and Elizabeth, my childhood best friend Leah, and her two brothers, Ethan and AJ. The piece’s title stems from the sentimental value of a toast. It is a toast “to us”, who we are, and how we have grown together.

In my project, I explored the idea of human connection, letting Luke, Elizabeth, Leah, Ethan and AJ be the driving force of inspiration. Five dancers each represent one person, with the remaining dancer representing me. My dancers portray the importance of these people in my life, the lasting impact they have had on my life growing up, and how they remain invaluable to me now. This piece explores our relationship growing up, the change in dynamic from how we met as kids to how we now interact as adults, and how we remain connected despite living miles away from each other.

My goal for this piece was to convey a sense of togetherness, as described in the earlier paragraphs. I wanted this piece to feel intimate and close, and I strived for my dancers to feel like a family. When I began developing this piece, my original concept included ideals of human connection and the bond one has with another despite distance. As I continued to work, I realized I was mainly drawing inspiration from the connection I have with my family and friends. They were the major influence. The piece became less about human connection in general, and more about how I relate to these people of importance. Therefore, my concept shifted a bit once I started to develop the story. After the slight alteration of my concept, the intent for my piece was to share my story and the aspect of the relationships with the people from whom I pulled inspiration. This piece is about us, and for us.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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Available for download on Thursday, June 19, 2025