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First Advisor

Whitney Moncrief

Second Advisor

Carolyn Pavlik


As a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, I pursue excellence and professionalism. My passion and curiosity for dance drives me to immerse myself in a versatile range of genres and approaches, and I am committed to continuous learning, open self-expression, and fostering human connection through movement. As a performer, I combine dynamism in physical strength and endurance with authentic emotional storytelling. I work to establish a genuine connection with both the audience and my fellow dancers, and my movement aesthetic incorporates precision, risk, and nuance. As a choreographer, I create work grounded in musicality and vulnerability. Using repetition, stillness, and rhythmic patterns, I amplify the intricacies of music while still providing space for dancers to move with openness and rawness. Drawn to groupbased choreography, I utilize both large, physical sequences and subtle, gestural phrases to foster interpersonal connections between dancers and with audiences. In my teaching practice, I focus on nurturing students’ technical growth while also supporting their holistic well-being. Inspired by my own mentors’ unconditional support, I aim to empower students to push beyond selfimposed limits while still feeling safe, motivated, and inspired. My goal is to establish a space where internal and external connections can develop, and I work to help dancers navigate their own artistry to grow in their confidence as both dancers and people. 5

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Dance Commons