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Jason DeGeorge

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Matilda McLean


The topic for our thesis will be demonstrating a fleet proposal request to our client, Western Michigan University. We will be introducing our company profile that will include aviation-related services and solutions. Our company will take several actions to help our client choose a well-suited aircraft that will help future pilots train with all the necessities needed to excel at WMU. We will provide initial steps to take action such as assisting with fleet management, safety enhancements, streamlined operations, financial marketing, and more. Later, our company will demonstrate a letter of intent to the dean of the aviation college, Dr. Thompson, asking him to consider our request to participate in the request for proposal. We will then begin the aircraft comparison selection where we will choose the best three single-engine aircrafts and talk about their characteristics. From the chosen three, our company will give a thorough evaluation by providing an in-depth analysis and finally choose the best recommended aircraft that will ease the training process for students and help them prosper. Our company will then start the marketing analysis for the chosen aircraft that will help maintain the programs competitive edge. We will conduct market research among WMU aviation students to give insight on the factors influencing their choice to attend WMU. Our company will also analyze the financial consideration needed to make the new proposed fleet a success. Finally, since our company will be responsible to update WMU’s training fleet, we will provide a holistic evaluation of the impact on student training, operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and organizational management associated with the choice of new aircraft. Careful considerations will be made to ensure that WMU will stand out in a competitive industry, as our company will help WMU focus on innovation, safety, and quality, guaranteeing that its program stays at the forefront of aviation education. In aviation management and operations, fleet renewal is essential because it meets industry expectations, maximizes efficiency, and converts academic knowledge into practical tactics that promote industry growth and observable outcomes. To conclude, we will then demonstrate our insights on what we gathered when calculating our statistics and our future perceptions on addressing industry challenges by fostering collaboration and leadership while advancing fleet management innovation and sustainability.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Aviation Commons