Date of Defense

Spring 4-2008




The following is an integrated marketing communications program for the city of New Orleans entitled "Easy." The paper outlines the history of the marketing of New Orleans, as well as the city's current goals. A detailed summary of the current market is provided with detailed demographics and beliefs held, as well as the segmentation variables that will be used within the "Easy" campaign to define the targeted audiences. The PRIZM NE segmentation system is used to better define the target markets of the campaign. Broadly defined, the two targeted segments of the campaign are: 1. younger families with children who are still minors, and 2. college and business professionals. The next section details the competitive environment that the city of New Orleans competes within and contrasts New Orleans with its main competitors (Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, and Nashville, among others). The main objective is to increase tourism to the city, namely to pre-hurricane Katrina levels, and position New Orleans as an easy destination choice for both segments given the specific benefits received if a trip is made. The last section of the program details the media channels used and the creative executions for each.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access