Date of Defense

Fall 12-9-1992



First Advisor

Paul Lane, Marketing

Second Advisor

Gail Stautamoyer, Marketing

Third Advisor

Ed Mayo, Marketing


This project was undertaken to offer an expansion recommendation to Marshall Music Company of Lansing, Michigan. The primary sources of data included a telephone survey of the Metro Grand Rapids area music dealers and band directors. Outside sources included personal interviews with Mr. Bruce Woodhull and Mr. Dan Marshall of Marshall Music Company. Through primary and secondary research, several important findings were made. The retail music industry is slow growing and has shown low profit margins. The competitive analysis revealed one major music store located in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Holland. This store also services over sixty-five schools in the Metro Grand Rapids area. According to the survey, those band directors serviced by a music store are also satisfied with the services provided. Based on the research, it is recommended that Marshall Music Company hire a local representative to research the area and work out of the existing Kalamazoo branch store. If there is potential for another music store based on the findings, Marshall Music should open a store in the Grand Rapids area.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only