Date of Defense

Summer 7-20-2000



First Advisor

Dan Farrell, Management

Second Advisor

Mark Roehling, Management


benefits, 401(k), saving


Logically, planning for retirement that could last 30-40 years deserves much attention. If members of Generation Y start planning for their retirement today, they will have two important components for optimal growth: time and compound interest. It is also magical how money can grow with these two ingredients. Retirement planning for Generation Y is different from other generations because time is on its side. Generation Y's greatest asset in retirement planning is its youth. Generation Y could be the first generation to be self-supporting in retirement if it starts to save for its future today. Everyone needs to know some important retirement planning basics to start the planning process. This paper is divided into five main sections: defining retirement, Social Security, pensions, investments, and planning for retirement.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only