Date of Defense




First Advisor

Jay Lindquist, Marketing

Second Advisor

Esther Page-Wood, marketing

Third Advisor

JoAnn Roznowski, Marketing


What is time? The simple yet puzzling question has been posed on numerous occasions generating various responses. Time can be described as quantifiable, structured, even having monetary value. Time can be viewed in a subjective or objective manner and can be influenced by internal and external factors. Time can create pressure, anxiety, or boredom. Time is what we perceive it to be. This perception is a potentially vital component involved in the makeup of time personality. Theoretically, time personality is shaped by many factors affecting the relationship an individual has with time. The objectives of the research were to identify potential time personality traits based on a study of the relevant literature and to explore relationships among these characteristics. Some speculation on practical marketplace and research implications were also to be proposed.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access