Date of Defense

Spring 4-11-1994



First Advisor

Linda Delene, Marketing

Second Advisor

Richard Plank, Marketing

Third Advisor

Theresa Hurley, Stryker Corporation


The purpose of this study was to collect feature, attribute, and benefit (FAB) data on both new 900 series and older 800 series Cast Removal Systems (CRS) made by Stryker Instruments, Inc. The FAB data approach helped distinguish the characteristics and qualities of both instruments so that the technical and functional components could be broken down, analyzed, and interpreted individually. This was to conclude whether the users and patients were satisfied with the new 940 Cast Cutter and 986 CastVac (900 series Cast Removal System). Based on those responses, the second purpose was to conclude whether or not the new 900 series was or was not a marketing success for Stryker.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only