Daryl Crall

Date of Defense

Spring 4-25-2003



First Advisor

Esther Page-Wood, Marketing

Second Advisor

Pamela Rooney, Business Information Systems

Third Advisor

Shannon Landis, Research & Donor Relations


What leads to the need for product differentiation? Is it merely the desire to maximize profits by using various product appeals for a wide variety of consumers? Or could it be because of the human want of increasing value and variety? This work will explore the latter response by examining the neoclassical economic theory of utilitarianism as it relates to a need for product differentiation. Specifically, topics will include a brief overview of neoclassical economics, followed by a description of utilitarianism, and then its influence on product differentiation. Finally, a connection will be made between utilitarianism, product differentiation, and a marketing case study developed for Pringles brand potato chips.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only