Date of Defense

Spring 4-24-1992


Family and Consumer Sciences

First Advisor

Carl Woloszyk, Consumer Resources and Technology

Second Advisor

Linda Dannison, Consumer Resources and Technology

Third Advisor

Tom Benton, Michigan Department of Education


During the 1991-92 school year, a study was conducted to determine a validated list of competencies (concepts and tasks) for use in curriculum development efforts for apparel and accessories (fashion merchandising) marketing programs by the researcher at Western Michigan University, the Michigan Department of Education and the Marketing Education Resource Center (MarkED). MarkED is a non-profit research and development agency affiliated with the Ohio State University and operated by 37 state education departments in a consortium arrangement.

DACUM or "Developing A Curriculum" was the occupational analysis procedure used to identify the competencies, job tasks, level of difficulty and levels of employment for apparel and accessories marketing programs. DACUM analysis provides a systematic approach to determining the competencies that must be performed by persons in a given job or occupational area through the use of business/industry panels. Using a 5-step research process including a literature review, analysis and synthesis, a validation panel, follow up activities and a compilation of DACUM results and final report submission, the sutyd:

1. developed a validated list of competency statements for apparel and accessories marketing programs,

2. defined major instructional areas by sequence and level of difficulty,

3. identified a career hierarchy and cluster chart for apparel and accessories marketing, and,

4. assigned competencies to one of give pre-baccalaureate levels of employment (entry, career-sustaining, marketing specialist, marketing supervisor, and manager-entrepreneur) within fashion merchandising retailing.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only