Date of Defense

Spring 4-24-2000



First Advisor

Andrew Brogowicz, Marketing

Second Advisor

Frank Gambino, Marketing

Third Advisor

Deborah Spake, Marketing


ProMotive Marketing chose the student population as the target segment for this survey in an effort to gauge awareness levels of DeNooyer Chevrolet, the best media to reach students, and the attractions at an event most likely to make them attend. Using primarily the intercept method, questionnaires were distributed over a three day period. After compiling and analyzing the data, certain conclusions about the students were reached. After reviewing research results, it was decided that the spring football game was the best avenue for increasing student awareness of DeNooyer Chevrolet, during which activities will be located in the parking lot next to the field. The advertising department constructed ads and a media plan and headed efforts to solicit sponsorships.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only