Date of Defense

Spring 4-27-2007



First Advisor

Robert Wait, Sociology

Second Advisor

Angela Moe, Sociology

Third Advisor

Edith Fisher, Women's Studies


date rape


Since the 1980s, research findings have shown that rates of acquaintance rape on college campuses are alarmingly high and more common than one would expect. Numerous forces within our society work to enable acquaintance rape on college campuses. Society tends to diminish the impact of rape by relying on myths about women's sexuality, and is rife with misleading information about how rape occurs. Culture also has a tendency to question the believability of the victim. Researchers have found that the unavailability or suppression of accurate information is a reflection of unequal treatment of women in society and mirrors the steadfast dichotomized gender roles that degrade women.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only