Courtney Lang

Date of Defense




First Advisor

Ronald Kramer, Sociology

Second Advisor

Barry Goetz, Sociology

Third Advisor

Chad Kimmel, Sociology


Corporate deviance is an issue that is prevalent in society, although it is often ignored because of the complexities involved. One of the main reasons that corporate deviance and corporate crime is overlooked is because it is extremely difficult to prove. Since these behaviors occur on the corporate level, the people involved are very intelligent and have the means, usually monetary, to cover their tracks. Also, the number of victims may range in the thousands to millions of people, thus making prosecution almost impossible. No corporate entity is more engaged in corporate deviance than the tobacco industry. The industry has used money, chemical manipulation, as well as the U.S. Constitution to avoid government regulation and monitoring. Once the public was made aware of this behavior, it brought about a strong social movement against tobacco. This thesis explores the role of the government in the tobacco industry, and how the lack of regulation seems to encourage deviant behavior. It also examines how regulation and government involvement could potentially benefit society by controlling the industry's deviance.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only