Date of Defense

Spring 4-11-2000



First Advisor

Ronald E. Ware, WMU Department of Public Safety

Second Advisor

Tom Edmonds, Kalamazoo County Sheriff


An emotionless, aloof symbol of authority, with intimidating displays of power on both chest and hip, whose very presence makes people suspicious and uneasy; a corrupt club of political henchmen, serving not the public but rather protecting the agendas of the elitist power-holders; an indifferent fact seeker, who is totally unconcerned with the human price of crime and the traumas endured by crime victims; all of these are common images associated with today's police officers, reflecting the traditionally troublesome relationship between law enforcement and the public. Yet a theoretical, organizational, and practical shift in policing is currently striving to dispel these images. The idea of community policing essentially redefines law enforcement, and hopefully, reshapes the manner in which the public views the job, its officials, and the relationship between them.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only