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First Advisor

Gregory J. Howard, Sociology

Second Advisor

Charles E. Crawford, Sociology


The current trend in the criminal justice system is the "get tough" initiative. Citizens are more concerned about crime rates than the national debt or social security. The harsher the policy on crime, the happier citizens become. This movement has overflowed into the juveniles system of criminal justice. Juveniles are blamed for high crime rates and citizens demand harsh punishments. The following paper argues the importance of the juvenile court system. The emergence of the juvenile court system, at a turning point in the United States, changed the American perspective on delinquents drastically. Since then, entirely new practices have evolved with some more successful than others. Juveniles can receive rehabilitation, special schooling and different sentencing tactics. These steps in juvenile rehabilitation and crime prevention would not have been possible without the emergence of the juvenile court system.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only