Date of Defense

Summer 7-12-1991



First Advisor

Herbert Smith, Sociology

Second Advisor

David Netz, University Libraries

Third Advisor

Bill Dalton, St. Paul's United Methodist Church


co-narcissism, inverted narcissism, theater


The concept of codependency is rather new, but has been presented in literature a long time though it was not recognized as such. Codependency has become recognized as a serious interpersonal and even social problem. Codependency affects a large number of women's lives in this country. The author explores the possibility that behaviors known as codependency today were recognized and depicted in the plays of Tennessee Williams. The focus of this study is the codependency amongst women. The purpose of this project is to explore the possibility that codependency is not a new phenomenon, but has existed for some time, evidenced by examining the writings of a popular writer, Tennessee Williams, who makes reference with characters and relationships depicted. The following characters have been chosen: Stella from A Street Car Named Desire, Serafina Delle Rose from The Rose Tattoo, and Mrs. Venable from Suddenly Last Summer.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only