Susan Wismer

Date of Defense

Summer 7-1971




History rates the need to belong as one of man's most dominate drives. This paper is an attempt to study the effects of this need in a university environment. In the theory of mass society, one sees the destruction of the "old community" during the industrial revolution. This community paved the way for individuals to engage in social participation, but are no longer effective. In other words, many social ties created by family and faith ceased to be binding. The exact process underwent by these institutions in losing their control over people is unclear. When community was broken up, individuals were left with few meaningful bonds with respect to other members of society. Thus feelings of being lost and left out of larger society were experienced. The capacity to determine one's own life was perceived as missing. This is alienation, a situation which persists today.


Includes errata.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only