Date of Defense

Spring 4-12-1994

First Advisor

William Forester, Paper and Printing

Second Advisor

Ellsworth Shriver, Paper and Printing

Third Advisor

Raja Aravamuthan, Paper and Printing


In the paperboard industry starch is applied to the sheet in two general areas, at the wet-stack and the dry-stack. In this application, there is very little dwell time for the starch to penetrate the sheet. One possible replacement for the wet stacks is the use of a road coater to apply starch to the sheet. Paper will be produced in the Western Michigan University Pilot Plant in two trials. Trial 1 will use waterboxes to apply starch, at varying solid levels, to the backside of the sheet and Trial 2 will use the rod coater to apply the same percent solids starch to the backside of the sheet. The use of a road coater for applying starch to the sheet gave improvements in both strength and physical sheet properties. Increases were seen in tear, stiffness, and burst. other notable advantages that were observed was the increase in caliper and the lowering of the bulk reduction almost seven percent by using the road coater.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only