Date of Defense

Spring 4-9-1996

First Advisor

Raja Aravamuthan, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Second Advisor

David Peterson, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Third Advisor

Brian Scheller, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering


The organosolv pulping process uses organic solvents to dissolve lignin. The organosolv pulping process is inherently friendly to the environment because it can produce pulp without the use of sulfur and without the use of chlorine bleaching agents. Another benefit of the organosolv pulping process is its potential for hardwood high-yield pulping. This potential is significant because high-yield hardwood sources are becoming more prevalent as the price of pulp increases and as the amount of softwood sources decreases. It is a process that has shown potential for many years but the application of its potential has not yet been achieved.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only