Date of Defense

Spring 4-9-1996

First Advisor

C. Van Maltby, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement

Second Advisor

David Peterson, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Third Advisor

Raja Aravamuthan, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering


Although most pulp and paper mills currently landfill their sludge, many are seeking less costly ways to dispose of solid wastes. Sludge burning provides an alternative to landfilling. The purpose of this research was to determine the heat gained and the volume reduced when pulp and paper mill sludge is burned. The heating value was determined calorimetrically. The volume reduction was determined by comparing the mass and density of wet sludge and ash. These data are extrapolated into curves which a mill might use to analyze the potential for burning its sludge. The results are compared to the theoretical heat of combustion of cellulose and to published data.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only