Deepak Madan

Date of Defense


First Advisor

Arvon Byle, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Second Advisor

Dennis Darling, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Third Advisor

Mark Heather, Kalamazoo Label Company


The proposed project is intended to make a system's design and develop a compuerized printing estimating system for Welborn Printing Management and Research Center, WMU. The computer system will provide accuracy, consistency, and generate estimates quickly compared to the manual method. Printing Estimating is a process of calculating the selling price of a job by assigning cost values to various functions involved in it. There are various variables and long formulas involved in the process of calculating the final estimated cost of a job. Hence, there is a need for a computerized system. An automated computerized system is suggested in which existing hardwares on campus will be used. An in-house software package will be developed.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only