Date of Defense

Fall 12-11-1999

First Advisor

C. Van Maltby, NCASI/PAPR

Second Advisor

Raja Aravamuthan, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Third Advisor

Peter Parker, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering


Predicting the potential effects of an accidental air emission requires various factors to be combined into complex equation system. Software programs are often developed to integrate all of the various components and simplify the prediction process. These programs are typically designed for specific applications. Using a program incorrectly will produce inaccurate results. There is no regulatory agency that monitors the accuracy of such programs. The intent of this thesis is to compare three different software programs, two private and one public domain. The inputs from various hypothetical release scenarios were entered into the models. The results were analyzed as to their accuracy and causes for variation were investigated. Features and capabilities of the models were noted throughout this study.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only