Date of Defense

Spring 4-17-1997

First Advisor

Dewei Qi, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Second Advisor

Brian Scheller, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Third Advisor

Thomas Joyce, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering


The use of secondary fiber is continuing to increase in the manufacturing of paper and paper related products. As it extends into coated printing and writing grades, an understanding of how recycling affects the surface of the sheet will be important. This research project attempted to gain this understanding by recycling TMP pine and examining sheet surface properties such as smoothness porosity, and contact angle. In general, the handsheets were found to increase in roughness and porosity, and decrease in contact angle as the number of recycles increased. Fines that were lost and regenerated also played a large role. From this it was concluded that recycling an increase in individual fiber density as well as surface energy changes of the sheet surface.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only