Date of Defense

Spring 4-26-2005


Finance and Commercial Law

First Advisor

Neal Turner, Finance

Second Advisor

Robert Balik, Finance

Third Advisor

David Rozelle, Accounting


Haworth College of Business, competency


Obtaining a successful job in corporate finance requires a well-rounded business education with a deep understanding of financial concepts and the ability to analyze financials. Corporate finance majors graduate from Western Michigan University with a very basic knowledge of financial concepts and a meager ability to analyze financial statements. The basic competencies of business are covered in the required curriculum that all Haworth students complete regardless of intended major. However, students seeking a career in finance require a much more extensive background in both finance and accounting. Finance students graduate from Western without these necessary skills because the upper level curriculum in their major lacks further training and depth. The author hopes to stress the importance of these skills and present feasible changes in the finance curriculum to achieve them.


Double major in Economics and Finance.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only