Date of Defense

Spring 4-22-1994


Speech Pathology and Audiology

First Advisor

Karen Seelig, Speech Pathology and Audiology

Second Advisor

John Hanley, Speech Pathology and Audiology

Third Advisor

James Hillenbrand, Speech Pathology and Audiology




A study was conducted in which judges evaluated videotaped samples of stuttered speech using the Stuttering Severity Instrument (SSI) for Children and Adults. Eight experienced judges (certified speech-language pathologists) and eight inexperienced judges (undergraduate students in speech-language pathology and audiology at Western Michigan University) viewed and evaluated the speech samples. The study was designed to examine agreement levels between and within judges using the SSI, and to determine whether experience and/or training contributed to greater agreement. It was expected that experience and training would contribute to higher inter-judge and intra-judge agreement levels. However, data from this study did not strongly support this hypothesis. Training seemed to have no effect on intra-judge or inter-judge agreement. Experience did not significantly contribute to higher inter-judge agreement, although it did contribute significantly to higher intra-judge agreement.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only