Date of Defense

Fall 12-15-2006



First Advisor

Curtis Swanson, Aviation

Second Advisor

Robert Aardema, Aviation

Third Advisor

Patrick Benton, Aviation


The reason for undertaking this project was to design and build a shower of sparks magneto ignition system mockup for the purpose of demonstrating the operating principles and troubleshooting techniques used for aircraft reciprocating engine ignition systems. There is an opportunity for this new learning aid to be used in various classes: Basic Aircraft Engines, Reciprocating Engine Systems, Aircraft Electrical II, and Aircraft Inspection and Servicing. The purpose of the mockup on the Continental GIO-470 engine is to provide a real life scenario of the aircraft ignition system and operation, and in order to troubleshoot the system one has to understand how the system works.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only