Date of Defense

Spring 4-15-2004


Business Information Systems

First Advisor

John Martell, LHC

Second Advisor

Larry ten Harmsel, LHC


higher education


The Honors portfolio is presented as a tool that honors students can use to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. An honors portfolio conceptualizes and communicates the value in obtaining a well-founded honors education. It contains documents and evidence that support the student's holistic development through a diverse range of honors experience. The paper begins by discussing the background for the project by describing what the unique qualities of an honors education are, then explores the Haworth College of Business portfolio project and the problem of conceptualizing an honors education in this fashion. Next, the paper details a project completed for the National Collegiate Honors Council and outlines the basis for the portfolio project. Then the paper discusses the honors portfolio in detail, describing the rationale and recommended format. Finally, suggestions and concluding remarks are offered.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Education Commons