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First Advisor

Nicholas A. Andreadis, Lee Honors College

Second Advisor

Keith M. Hearit, Lee Honors College

Third Advisor

Sue Oole, Lee Honors College


The Medallion Program was established with the intent to recruit students with academic ability as fervently as those with athletic prowess. However, whereas athletic recruits are actively coached throughout their college careers, these academics have typically been left to their own devices. The perception has been that simply by bringing these students to the university, the ends have been reached, when in reality it is only the beginning. The Medallion Competition locates and brings together a very talented body of students and this body can be utilized to the benefit of the school, scholar, and community. The following pages detail a series of recommendations designed to change the way the Medallion Program is regarded. These recommendations address four crucial areas where improvement is needed: building organizational structure, enhancing social connectivity between scholars, fostering a commitment to service, and encouraging a more dedicated academic effort.


In addition to this text, accompanying materials contains:

  • website demo
  • Medallion logo
  • Medallion letterhead
  • service log

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only