Date of Defense

Spring 4-13-1999



First Advisor

Diane Hamilton, Nursing

Second Advisor

Judy Hoelscher, Nursing

Third Advisor

Barb Groh, Bronson Methodist Hospital


This paper presents the role of fatherhood and its relationships with masculinity, fathering abilities, societal issues, and father-child interactions as an integral part of a father's wholeness. The historical impact of society's expectations, policies, and changes that have occurred over time are presented. As the role of fathers has changed, the relationship between the father and child and health parenting environment has also shifted. There now exists a strong need for fatherhood development within our communities. One solution to this issue is to heighten the awareness of fathering for men and society. A program to strengthen and balance the roles of fatherhood is presented as a learning module ready for use.


Includes comments and corrections.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only