Neil Assante

Date of Defense

Spring 4-15-1992



First Advisor

Susan Caringella-McDonald, Sociology

Second Advisor

Susan Caulfield, Sociology

Third Advisor

Ronald Kramer, Criminal Justice


Wilbanks, Hindelang, systematic discrimination, no discrimination theory


William Wilbanks has published a book entitled The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System. As the title implies, Wilbanks draws the bold and unequivocal conclusion that systematic discrimination does not exist in the criminal justice system. His claims are not unique, they are a continuation of Michael Hindelang's (1969) arguments in favor of a no discrimination theory. This report will discuss how Hindelang's and Wilbanks' reasoning and research in support of the no discrimination theory disintegrates both theoretically and methodologically.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only