Amanda Benear

Date of Defense

Spring 3-9-2002



First Advisor

Ronald Kramer, Criminal Justice

Second Advisor

Kathy Flack, Criminal Justice

Third Advisor

Mary Lape, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kalamazoo


juvenile justice system, effectiveness of waiver laws, criminal justice system


The demand to "crack down" on the tougher criminals and bad segments of society was first seen in the adult criminal justice system. For the past thirty years, conservative policies such as, the "war on drugs", three strike laws, and an increased use of the death penalty, have flooded the criminal justice system. This strong thrust towards conservative policies is slowly filtering throughout the criminal justice system, having a strong and concrete effect on the juvenile justice system as well. Therefore, media, society, and law and order advocates have fought for the increased use of juvenile waiver as a means to deal with juvenile crime. Therefore, we must begin to measure the effectiveness of increased waiver use as it relates to the intention of the waiver and the beliefs of what a juvenile justice system should entail.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only