Date of Defense

Spring 4-22-2011



First Advisor

Richard W. Malott, Psychology

Second Advisor

Talor P. Parker, Psychology


behavior analysis, special needs


When toddlers enter the autistically impaired classroom at WoodsEdge, their skills and deficits are evaluated in order to assist the staff and master’s students in identifying and implementing procedures that would be most beneficial for the students. Unfortunately, the toddler autism classroom does not currently have a formal tracking sheet on which to record the students’ skills and to illustrate which skills need to be taught in what order. Therefore, the goal of this project was to create the tracking sheet for the students’ skills and improve the procedures that are used in the classroom. By identifying the “disconnects,” or problems within the system and procedures, the author worked to create a curriculum and, on a larger scale, a more organized and efficient classroom. We based the tracking sheet off of the newly created Title Search Index [See Appendix A], which was developed by two other graduate students in BATS: Julie Sanchez and Jon Timm. This index organizes every skill that is taught in the autism classrooms at WoodsEdge into separate categories and in levels of increasing difficulty. Our project does not have its own mission statement, but instead the author has modeled the project after the mission statement of WoodsEdge Learning Center. We hope that this new curriculum will enhance the students’ education and will eventually enable them to lead a more independent life.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only