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Bret Wagner, Management

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Sime Curkovic, Management


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From the creation of the assembly line to the invention of the internet, there have been many technological advancements that have changed the way the world does business. The creation of SAP software was one such advancement that has impacted the entire business community and has sparked a change in thinking in all of the companies that have implemented it. There have been many methodologies that have spurred the evolution of the business world; lean manufacturing, six sigma, just-in-time manufacturing, and globalization, as well as many others, that have caused the need for enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs like SAP. And with these rapid changes in business practices there have been many companies that have tried to change their outdated mindsets overnight. Most of these companies fail because they don't take change management control seriously.

SAP business process software is a great example of a significant change in the way a company does business that must be implemented with finesse and tact. Many companies that implement SAP do not find any errors within the system itself, only with the integration of its practices into the current system. This report documents the current problem with change management and other implementation errors, in concurrence with SAP implementation strategies and will suggest solutions that could improve the current consulting process.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only