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Advancements in technology have always impacted the way the world does business. More than fifty years ago, the formation of the barcode proved to be invaluable in identifying information about a product. Acceptance of the barcode has spread with the adoption of the University Product Code (UPC), which created a barcode recognized by all scanners. Innovation has not slowed down as the years have passed; technology has been taken to the next level of product identification with the development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID technology enhances an organization's ability to track inventory, reduces need for human intervention, among other great advantages that make it a valuable business tool. In many cases, companies implementing RFID technology do not accurately forecast or correctly employ RFID. Integrating RFID into an organization is a huge undertaking that must be preceded by research and discretion. This report will illustrate the current problem with poor, inaccurate RFID integration and recommend a solution that could diminish the occurrences of failed RFID additions, followed by an analysis of one company's problems and experiences integrating RFID.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only