Susan McClay

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Problem Statement

The management of Laboratory Research Enterprises, Inc., is faced with much the same problem as are numerous offices. The office staff is working at adequate output and quality levels for business operations, but these levels are not optimal. Even though the tasks required are completed, it is now necessary that excessive sums be allocated to this aspect of the budget and that adaptations in scheduling be made in order to carry on the production and sale of beagles.


The objective of this report is to present a plan for the evaluation and restructuring of the Laboratory Research Enterprises, Inc., office job descriptions, physical layout and operating procedures which will reduce the average time required per unit of output by 15% and will allow a 10% surplus in the operating budget (assuming the pre-implementation level of output) within four months following implementation of the plan and adherence to the job descriptions.

Scope, Method of Research and Constraint

This project emphasizes the areas of job descriptions, inventories, office layout and traffic and workflow in the Laboratory Research Enterprises, Inc., administrative office. The analyses and recommendations contained herein are based upon an examination of the workings of the office, as well as upon theoretical concepts of office management.

The constraint placed upon this presentation is as follows: The term "unit of output" is not a constant but rather a term used for any output of the office. The criteria for evaluation, however, assumes that each unit remains standardized throughout the study period.


The following recommendations are made:

1. An individual having a B.B.A. and an understand of the procedures detailed in this paper should implement the plan. It is not necessary or recommended that a specialist or professional consultant be retained inasmuch as objectivity is the key criteria rather than experience and association with the field.

2. Unit costs of output and the time required for each unit of output must be calculated before the plan itself is implemented and upon the expiration of four months following the date of implementation. This should be done by the individual administering this plan.

3. Job descriptions for each position should be prepared by the implementor and followed by all office employees. The implementor should prepare them initially and direct their utilization. Once established, the administrator must follow through with the use and updating of them. They will serve as a basis for the evaluation and control of the employees and their work, as well as create objective standards for hiring, promotion and reassignment if used.

4. The following positions should be maintained in the LRE office hierarchy:

  • One full-time administrator who divides his time between office-related duties and general business operations.
  • One full-time secretary.
  • One full-time key-punch operator.
  • One part-time assistant.

5. The LRE office should be rearranged to place all employees within a range of close access to the equipment which they use most frequently and the people with whom they work most closely. These factors will be determined through the objective preparation of job descriptions and their use.

6. An inventory maintenance procedure should be developed by the implementor and followed by the secretary to reduce unit costs of production both in terms of time and labor costs.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only