Date of Defense




First Advisor

David Scott Reinhold, Department of Chemistry

Second Advisor

Elizabeth Philips, School of Nursing

Third Advisor

Samir Hamdan, Department of Chemistry


Cancer, Cancer cell growth, abnormal cell growth, VIP:FT, HT1080 cell line


Cancer is a complex family of diseases that differ in age of onset, rate of growth, and cellular differentiation. In spite of the diversity among individual varieties, the fundamental defect in all forms of human cancer is the uncontrolled growth and division of once normal cells. Whereas the growth of normal cells is carefully regulated to meet the needs of the whole organism, cancer cells replicate autonomously and continuously, ultimately invading and interfering with the function of normal tissues. My work is a continuation of the most recent study in our lab involving ras, which showed that the mutated oncogene may be responsible for the abnormal growth characteristics of the VIP:FT and HT1080 cell lines. My study involves the examination of growth rates between specific cell lines that contain, and may be expressing, an inserted dominant-negative ras gene, and normal cell lines without the foreign gene.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only