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First Advisor

John E. Chateauneuf, Chemistry

Second Advisor

Josh Foote, Chemistry


Supercritical fluids, polyester production, environmentally responsible alternative


Polymeric materials have an infinite potential for exciting new applications in the forseeable future. Unsaturated polyesters are most commonly found in fiberglass composites used on boats, automobiles, bathtubs, synthetic marble and paneling. Saturated polyesters are used for fabrics, coatings and containers. The greatest dangers from both types of polyesters are not in the finished product but in the materials used to form them, which are semi-toxic and significantly volatile. Supercritical fluids are becoming significant in large-scale industry due to the harmful environmental outcome of more hazardous solvent us and disposal. Supercritical carbon dioxide is a more environmentally responsible substitute for organic solvents because it is inexpensive, non-toxic, non-flammable and displays easy recycling and disposal

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only