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Date of Graduation




First Advisor

C. Richard Spates, Psychology

Second Advisor

Christina M. Sheerin, Psychology

Third Advisor

Satoshi Ozeki, Psychology


Depression, Computerized Treatment, Behavioral Activation


There are many benefits to using computerized treatment programs in order to alleviate depression. Computerized therapies for depression have been compared to their face-to-face therapy counterparts, and results have indicated that computerized therapy is equally effective in treating depression (Wright et al, 2005). Despite the promising research comparing a computerized therapy to its face-to-face version of therapy, no computerized therapies have been investigated with regards to treatment integrity. The lack of treatment integrity investigations of computerized therapies limits the certainty to which claims of their efficacy can be seriously attributed to the underlying intervention (Bond, Becker & Drake, 2011). A study of treatment integrity of the BAML program evaluated how well components of face-to-face Behavioral Activation Therapy were implemented in a computer-based behavioral activation therapy. A study of treatment integrity for BAML helped to strengthen the relationship between the therapy and its claim to deliver BA as implemented by professional therapists.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only