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Social Work

First Advisor

Dr. Marion H. Wijnberg

Second Advisor

Dr. Donald Cooney

Third Advisor

John Holmes


Electronic communications have been made available to every social, occupational, and personal aspect of America's infrastructures, except those that represent the aging population over 50 years (Thompson, 1995, p.85). Echt, Morrell, and Park (1998) discuss several reasons why this group has not obtained computer literacy. These include: (1) older individuals do not have as many training opportunities, (2) they may not be able to afford a personal computer or computer class, (3) computer components are not designed for the older student (p. 4). Marilyn Thompson (1995) "estimated in 1994, that 2 million of the 33 million members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) utilized computers" (p. 85). Also, Yankelovich Partners, in 1993, did a United States survey on the use of computers. Their report revealed that ten percent of "mature" (49 years of age and older) used personal computers as compared to twenty-nine percent "Boomers" (30 to 48 years of age). Their analysis suggests that older American computer users will increase to sixty percent" (Thompson, 1995).

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only