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Social Work

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Dr. Suzanne Davis

Second Advisor

Margaret Erich

Third Advisor

Susan Wagar


According to Beth Miller, a research associate for the School-Age Child Care Project at Wellesley College, hours outside of the school day comprise more than 90% of school-age child's time in a given year (Miller, 1995). The activities that children engage in can provide healthy opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, too many children are sent home from school to an empty home. We have all heard the horror stories including fires, accidents, and abductions that occur while a child has been left at home, unattended. Consequently, many school districts have implemented school-aged care programs to serve parents and students in the community. First this paper will show you what children can be doing if they are not fortunate enough to be in such a program. Second it will show two solutions to the problem of after school care. Then benefits of having a school-aged child care program will be shown. Finally this paper will show how to start such a program and tips for administration of school-aged child care centers.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only