Date of Defense

Summer 5-12-2011


Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Jon Davis, Mathematics

Second Advisor

Michele L. McGrady, Holistic Health


school funding, education funding


The purpose of this project was to understand the funding of K-12 education within Michigan and provide ideas for generating greater revenue to state education. I am a student in the field of elementary education and hope to gain a Ph.D. in educational leadership with concentration in higher education administration. The topic became very intriguing to me after hearing educators converse on educational funding and the loss of teaching positions throughout the state. I feel that understanding the methodology of Michigan funding will lead to improved funding techniques for education. Throughout the project a number of literary works were reviewed and analyzed to aid in understanding the State School Aid Fund, source for K-12 funding.

The initial results of my studies revealed the State School Aid Fund does not provide adequate levels of funding to K-12 education within Michigan to compete at the forefront of world education. In order to generate additional funds I researched and suggested ways to generate additional funds through minimal tax increases and required staffing cuts. I also looked at ways of utilizing the additional funds to improve education and save money in the future.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only