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This grant proposal is a request for funds to create a universally accessible community garden for low income older adults the Kalamazoo area. While there are several established community gardens in the Kalamazoo area, none are designed to allow individuals with age-related physical and neurological deficits full access. Contact with the natural world, like gardening, has been shown in even unstructured settings to reduce the use of antidepressant medication, reduce the incidence and severity of pressure sores, and reduce incontinence in older adult populations (Hurtley, 2007). Beyond the benefits of contact with nature, community gardens have the potential to provide physical activity, social interaction, as well as fresh produce to participants. The building and planting of a community garden accessible to older adults with physical and neurological deficits will support good physical and mental health in area elders by providing therapeutic physical activity and access to fresh fruits and vegetables. If grant money is awarded to this project, it will be used to purchase materials and skilled labor for the building of the garden as well as equipment such as garden tools and seating, seeds, and plants.

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