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The text of this paper has two sections. Section I offers a dis cussion of background information on the topic of interpersonal communi cation. A nine-point formula is, in this section, developed for analytical use in Section II. These nine points are, respectively, (1) complementarity and symmetricality, (2) communication models, (3) levels of communication, (4) communication perspectives, (5) verbal and non verbal communication, (6) listening, (7) defensive-supportive climates, (8)interpersonal needs, and (9) healthy communication. It is intended that this background discussion will better enable the reader to under the relationship between interpersonal communication and leadership.

Section II of this paper is an application of the nine-point formula in analyzing five particular leadership theories. These theories will be identified in Section II. It is in Section II that the cor relation between interpersonal communication and leadership is developed

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