Date of Defense




First Advisor

JoNina Abron

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Junger

Third Advisor

Marcia Pszczolkowski


As many companies have now incorporated automated attendants into their call centers, using these systems has become a common procedure for customers who complete business transactions by phone. Understanding the impact an automated attendant has on customer communication and client satisfaction should be a key concern for businesses that use these systems. Yet examining the role of automated attendants in customer service environments can be difficult, as little literature is written specifically on this topic. Literature on the importance of communication in customer service environments, including call centers, is prevalent. In addition, much is written on the physical aspects of the attendant, including system configurations and computer hardware. Yet when dealing with customer concerns and compliments in regards to automated attendant use, literature is sparse. Therefore, research from books and journals used for this thesis remains limited. However, many articles found in newspapers proved to be an essential factor in examining this topic, particularly from a customer's perspective.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only